Pharma Market Insights: Generics

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Biosimilars. Biobetters. Branded and generic drugs. Specialty generics. Pay-for-delay.

Individually, they represent big questions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Together—in Pharma Market Insights: Generics Collection—we find the big answers. For the first time in a blockbuster omnibus, these intelligence dossiers offer insights, key interviews, statistical support and powerful analysis at a time when the industry needs it most.

In Pharma Market Insights: Generics Collection, you get access to six dossiers in a single report. The collection includes:

Biobetters—Major Players and Market Prospects

There is no doubt that biobetters offer considerable growth for an industry scrambling to fill pipelines with blockbuster drugs. But who are the innovators, what are the latest technologies and how will manufacturing adapt? In this report, the authors offer critical insight into how biobetters are an emerging force in the biologic drug market and how they are evolving.

Branded vs Generics Drugs in Latin America

Staying competitive in Latin America is increasingly dependent on marketing and development strategies that address the region's diversity, political tone and economic wellbeing. Complete with industry-sensitive sales and pricing information, this dossier examines the strategies of both generics and branded drugs manufacturers, and defines prospects in the future.

Specialty Generics: Climbing the Pharmaceutical Value Chain

While the US generics market grew an estimated 2.8 percent in 2009, it was outstripped by specialty generics, which grew by 11 percent. At one-fifth of the market, it is valued at $5.74 billion. What is driving this market’s meteoric rise? This report delves into the mergers and alliances, the product licensing, product area correlations and approvals to find the answers.

Branded Generics—A Gateway to Emerging Markets

Branded generics—hybrids that allow companies to use existing marketing and distribution to offer premium-priced, brand-name generics to consumers—are taking hold in E-7 countries. Meantime, the US industry faces healthcare reforms, stringent reimbursement processes, loss of patent protection and weak pipelines. Are branded generics the way forward? This report offers the answers.

Pay-For-Delay: An Unsettled Future Lies Ahead

As more and more branded drugs go off-patent and new generics enter the market, the space between profit loss and gain is shrinking. Increasingly, branded companies facing patent expiry are turning to pay-for-delay deals which postpone generics market entry in exchange for a value transfer. Yet increasingly, such deals are facing scrutiny by regulators. This report maps the pay-for-delay landscape in the US and Europe, and offers unique and timely insight into this cost-saving trend.

Branded vs Generic Drugs in Russia and CEE—Expert Insights

In the former Communist countries of Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe, the battle for market share between patented drugs, branded products and commodity generics is heating up. Consumers wooed by name brands are increasingly voting with their wallets. What are the legal and cultural barriers to entering this market space? This expertly reported dossier offers the answers. Access to latest insight, analysis and thinking on key industry issues

Analysis of regulatory and governmental policies affecting each topic

Examination of the key cultural, governmental and regulatory barriers to gaining market access

Case studies, company profiles and drug profiles

Statistical analysis through charts, graphs and tables