Pharma Market Insights: Latin America

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Market Intelligence Collections
col-lec-tion. n a group of objects or works to be seen, studied or kept together.

At least, that's how the dictionary defines a collection.

The authors think it means an anthology of concise, well-researched and strategic intelligence reports that have the power to put you at the cutting edge of your industry.

That's the idea behind Pharma Market Insights: Latin America Collection, our first-ever omnibus of best-selling market intelligence dossiers. Filled with insights, key interviews with leading experts and opinion leaders, statistical support and powerful analysis, the Latin America Collection defines current issues in Latin America—and offers the answers.

In Pharma Market Insights: Latin America Collection, you get access to four dossiers in a single report. They include:

Healthcare Stakeholders in Latin America — Secrets of Engagement

What are the six most competitive and successful strategies for gaining access to the Latin American market? This hard-hitting report lays bare how the sales environment is changing and what marketing groups are doing to adapt. From the increased use of the internet by physicians and patients to tactics that address government endorsements of generics, this dossier examines what the key players are doing—and assesses their successes.

Branded vs Generics Drugs in Latin America

Staying competitive in Latin America is increasingly dependent on marketing and development strategies that address the region’s diversity, political life and economic wellbeing. Complete with industry-sensitive sales and pricing information, this dossier examines the strategies of both generics and branded drugs manufacturers, and defines prospects in the future.

Pharma Sales Forces: Mexico

With a pharmaceutical industry expected to hit $14.9 billion by 2014, an economy ranked 11th worldwide and a reputation as a key emerging market, Mexico is attracting the leading pharmaceutical companies. This dossier examines why traditional sales models still work where they are failing elsewhere, who is making the most of this and how they’re launching innovative new approaches.

Pharmaceutical Market Access in Latin America

The politics of Latin America are as varied as the landscape. From right-of-centre Columbia to left-leaning Venezuela, political forces define how-and where-the pharmaceutical industry may operate. Offering a country-by-country breakdown of policies, agreements and legal and intellectual property rights, this report paints a clear picture of the region’s potential, and how to make the most of it. Access to latest insight, analysis and thinking on key industry issues

Analysis of regulatory and governmental policies affecting each topic

Examination of the key cultural, governmental and regulatory barriers to gaining market access

Case studies, company profiles and drug profiles

Statistical analysis through charts, graphs and tables

Expert insight from industry leaders, KOLs, marketing experts and drug company executives